This collection of zines are created from text taken from Seventeen and National Geographic magazines, from current issues as well as issues that are decades old. Their words form nonsensical poems and situations that both subvert and reinforce the themes of the source material, home, energy, and social politics. They are a practice in allowing myself to play with words intuitively, as well as allowing me to create objects that I feel are simultaneously rich and cheap in value. They are created quickly and from scraps of paper and thread and glue and glitter, and I encourage the act of touch and viewer interaction that will most likely result in dirt, oily finger stains, bent pages and tears over time.

The zines are also a practice in allowing myself to fully question and realize the problematic influences present in my female-gendered, middle class upbringing; as a child, I fully devoured both Seventeen and National Geographic. Rereading the patriarchal and colonialist attitudes that exist at the core of these publications has been a frustrating but necessary reminder of my own socialization and the importance of dismantling and challenging these ideals.