floating in the upmost corner, 

Within my own social circles and environment, what I consider “home” has changed drastically and rapidly in the past few years, changing from what I thought was a solid, stagnate location into an ideology that is constantly shifting. This new understanding of home resides much more within the constant and playful love+support of my friendships, within the effort to feel at place in a body, and within objects that hold a comforting, sentimental, symbolic energy about them. Rocks, sticks, candles, a swiss army knife. Sparkly socks and fresh snow, scuffed wooden floors and radiators, pockets and jars for collecting. Blankets, blankets, blankets. These objects become forces and subjects of their own, wielding strange powers. I am seeking to capture and explain some of the invisible, internal energy present in these relationships and objects, and to celebrate both the natural and domestic spaces that form the backdrop to this newfound home, merging them into one.

Unexpected hues and rainbow-bright edges that result from subject & body shifts between three exposures reflect the instability and fluidity inherent in ourselves and the places we decide to pin down as “home.” None of this is permanent, but this impermanence does not cancel out the positive influence, magic, and growth that can be enjoyed from these shifts. Black and white supporting images tackle these same ideas in a more direct, documentary manner. These small images serve as direct antidotes, contrasting yet directing the viewer into the same grassy knoll, windowsill, or secret notebook.