“care cycle” serves as a supporting collection to the “magic houses” series. These images focus in on happenings in nature and within domestic spaces, as I seek to merge the two environments. The process of tricolor photography (creating a color image through three black and white images shot through red, green, and blue filters) allows me to photograph something that is not quite visible; something that lies under the surface scientifically, technologically, emotionally. It is an attempt to photograph the unphotographable- to make internal, invisible energy something that I and the viewer can come to understand visually. This understanding of energy is what I hope to carry with me throughout my everyday experiences and in my own relationship to the world. Straightforward color photographs and double exposure approaches are also included, a reflection of time as it ebbs/flows/freezes/jumps/fades. These moments point towards times of uncertainty and impending change, as well as enclosed safety, rest, and play: wildflowers and brush fading into a winter sleep, a pile of moving boxes stacked in the corner of the garage, Sophia resting in her hammock, a monarch caterpillar, a farm dog actively tuned in to a mysterious wall of shrubs. I imagine these moments all happening within the walls and surrounding grounds of the translucent “magic houses”, at once and throughout time, forming the setting to all the imaginary homes I occupy.